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Jul. 26th, 2012

Title: You still kept that? [Oneshot]
Pairing: JongKey
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): AU, slight humor, friendship, tint of romance
Word Count: 1, 011
Summary: Jonghyun's idea of romantic is sneaking into school late at night to get his physics book back. 
Well, Key definitely learned something.
a/n: un-beta'd, written at 1am, most likely crappy, strays a teeny bit from the summary (I think).


"Kim Jonghyun, we are going to get suspended for this."

"No we won't. Trust me, Bummie."

The older had stopped in his tracks, fingers clutching onto the chain-link fence. He was giving his best pout and puppy-dog eyes to his best friend who has been nagging the entire way about getting caught, suspended, expelled, sent to juvie, and losing a bright future.

Nevertheless, Kibum merely clung to Jonghyun's sleeve, trailing a step behind him for he knew that despite being older, Jonghyun cannot be trusted to do idiotic things by himself.

"Dammit, fine. Just hurry up. I'm cold, it's late and I want to sleep."

Jonghyun smiled brightly, all teeth and squinty eyes before tugging at his friend's hand, urging him to climb the fence before him.

After much mumbled nagging and complaining, Kibum finally managed to plant his feet on school grounds but not after a "Jonghyun, groping is not guiding" and an "I'm trying to be a good friend and keep you from falling on your ass" and of course, an "Oh, so your hand decided to be the ground my ass falls on instead?"

Kibum was tired and trying to catch his breath as his best friend grabbed his hand and headed towards a fire exit that Kibum could not be bothered to figure out how the hell this idiot was able to acquire a key for.

The hallways were dark and dimly illuminated with a subtle blue tint from the windows. The silence was deafening and Kibum was regretting having a horror movie marathon the night before.

Clinging tightly onto Jonghyun's arm, Kibum's fingers gripped onto the sleeves so tight that the older let out an amused chuckle, taking his free hand and reaching behind him to pry one of Kibum's own from his sleeve, lacing their fingers together as he brought their hands to his side, pulling the younger closer.

"Key, relax. My hand is dying."

Kibum had been unknowingly clutching onto Jonghyun's hand with a death grip; the dark corridors and the sound of their footsteps did not help calm him at all.

"How can I relax when I feel like something will grab me and eat my guts in this damn darkness?"

Jonghyun simply smiled and wrinkled his nose at him before stopping when they had reached his locker. Kibum pressed his face onto Jonghyun's shoulder as he clung to him tightly from behind, trying to ignore his growing heart rate and fear. He felt Jonghyun panic for a while with his hastened movements before feeling the older let out a sigh of relief, making him look up.

"I thought you were bringing home your physics book?"

"Yeah, but that's because I thought I left my.. Notes, in there."

"Well at least that notebook is lighter. Come on, let's go home, please."

Kibum practically pleaded. Jonghyun shut his locker and stuck his notebook under his arm before fumbling with the combinations a bit. A slip of paper slid from out the notebook and onto the floor. Kibum was about to pick it up when Jonghyun rushed to it and slipped it back into his notebook with a force much too unnecessary.

"Jjong, are you okay? Calm down, it was just a piece of paper."

"It's not just a piece of paper, okay? It's.. Nevermind, let's go home."

With linked arms they walked back out to where they entered, Kibum trying to push back that weird pang of pain in his chest as he thought that it was probably a girl's number on that paper or something. Not like he liked prying into his best friend's love life anyway.

As they climbed over the fence once more, Jonghyun let Kibum up first before handing the notebook over to climb over the top. He shouldn't have done that.

Kibum took that time to open the notebook and take out the piece of paper, ignoring the blackmail attempts and death threats that his best friend was throwing at him from the top of the fence. When Kibum's eyes adjusted to the natural light, he could have sworn his heart did gymnastics.

It was a polaroid. Not just a piece of paper, as Jonghyun had claimed. Kibum recognized it as the first picture they ever took together 3 years ago. They were sitting in the middle of the school rooftop when they took it.

It was the first day of middle school and they had climbed up to the rooftop during their break for that day after realizing they were classmates the year before. Kibum had been annoyed and began complaining about how some of their classmates were sucking faces in front of him in 3rd period. That they could probably be useful cleaning gadgets instead of the vacuum his mother had just bought.

Jonghyun was laughing at all of Kibum's remarks, clapping enthusiastically; to which Kibum had just smiled in amusement and continued to throw snide remarks about certain other classmates for his friend's amusement.

The bell rung then and Kibum whipped out his pink and white polaroid, tugging on Jonghyun's shirt to sit him back down. They took a quick picture and Jonghyun had stolen the film before Kibum got the chance to even touch it.

Kibum snapped out of his reverie with Jonghyun's sneakers thumping onto the grass behind him but he had read the writing, dated the same day they took the picture, just as Jonghyun took it from him.

"You kept that all this time?"

"Of course. It was the first day of middle school with my now best friend. How could I throw that away? Plus, I looked hot in that."

Kibum rolled his eyes and smiled, walking off and starting for home. Jonghyun clung to the hem of his shirt all the way, trailing behind him. It took every fiber of Kibum's being to keep from smiling way too brightly at nothing. But a small smile slipped every now and then as he thought of the polaroid and the small message, thankful that Jonghyun was behind him.

’Falling doesn’t seem so bad.’

a/n: Sorry about that. The idea sounded much better in my head. ;n;

 Okay this is just insane.

I just had the most amazing dream EVER.

It involved me and (for some reason I cannot fathom) B2ST's Hyunseung.

The dream started of with just me and him watching TV in a darkened room. The TV gave of this gorgeous bluish-white glow that reflected off of Hyunseung's face perfectly. So, there he sat with his big doe eyes and a miniscule loving smile on his face and he was staring at me.

I know it was just a dream but I've never seen that kind of look in anyone's eyes before. It was a look of just pure love and fascination. I'm not bragging but I'm just trying to describe my dream the best I can whilst giving off the feeling I had when I woke up and realized what just happened in it.
He just kept looking at me and at one point he told me, "You look so beautiful." And the way he said it made dream self melt in her seat. He said it softly and sincerely and he didn't break eye contact. Dream self was just as in awe at how beautiful Hyunseung looked in the bluish glow. If angels were to look like something, that would be it exactly. 
He leaned in closer and closer and closer then I woke the fuck up. :|
I felt so overwhelmed with love at that moment and when I woke up I felt extremely disappointed but feeling so in love that it hurt and at the same time it felt amazing.
Truth be told, the feeling was just amazing but it's impossible to just capture the moment into the exact words so that readers can feel it too. It felt so real that when I woke up I actually whined in disappointment and I've never felt so upset that I had to be back in reality. I never thought that dreams could ever make me feel so much like someone's so in love with me and I so in love with someone.
The look on his face whilst he sat beside me was something like you had to be me in my dream to feel just how amazing it felt to have him look at me like that. It was a moment that I wanted to carry with me forever and replay in my mind whenever and wherever.
Dreams never felt this real. Sometimes I just want to stay in dreams forever 'cause they feel so much nicer than reality. Anything can happen in your dreams: anything and everything.

When someone tells you that anything can happen in reality as well or nothing's impossible, there's always an exception. I can't ever have Hyunseung look at me the way he did in my dreams. I can't ever have him tell me that I'm beautiful with such love in his voice. Even if all I did was pray and wish that this dream come true it will never happen.
Who am I anyway? I'm but a little girl who's even too lazy to do anything productive and he is this amazing K-pop idol who's living his dreams and he can have any girl in the world. What are the chances he'll fall in love with me let alone even see me and know that I actually exist?
ZERO. Zing.  Zilch. Nada. None. Wala.
Now I want whoever told us 'Nothing's impossible' to answer me and tell me that this is possible. That this is possible if I work hard and just have faith. How the fuck will this ever happen?
Whoever said 'Nothing's impossible' is a complete idiot and obviously didn't how it feels to be in love with a celebrity who will never notice your existence.
Call me low, call me narrow-minded but my feelings are as real as they come.
And dreams and waking up have never hurt as much as this..

Okay.. I know I'm a hypocrite from my LJ title ("Your thoughts are what keep you from doing the impossible.. Dare to do it") but this one instance is just plain impossible. The man of my dreams falling in love with me? Now that's just hoping for too much..
2.) Hi friend! :D You know, I think I'm assuming as well. Maybe it's not me but because of that, I realized something. You're a very important friend to me. Probably on the way to being a very best friend. It's always so much fun to be with you. I can talk to you about everything and anything, even those little stupid, random things. I love our kulitans and all that. You're the only person I want to drag around everywhere. I like you a lot. I don't want to fall in love with you, though. It's not far from impossible. I'm almost there. But I'm keeping from it this time. I'm not losing another friend. I've learned what can happen if I get too involved with a close friend. Things won't be the same if something happens between us. I'm perfectly happy with how we are now. Subconsciously, I know I'll want something more but this is one that I will NOT ruin. :) I've heard that you have agreed to something unpleasant behind my back. Honestly, it hurt because it was you. :( But you're the only exception to my eternal forgiveness. :)) You're not boring. You're the most fun person I've ever been with. It could be just you and me and I could still laugh my head off. :) I hope we don't change. I don't want us to change. There's a feeling in me that says you're my soulmate. Though in this case, maybe it's best we didn't commit. I don't want to ruin anything anymore. Especially not this. :( I want to keep you as a friend forever. Please don't change. It's ALWAYS so much fun being with you. Why do you think I drag you around everywhere? :) You'll always have a place in my heart. I love you! (No, not in THAT way everyone assumes. You get what I mean.) :)
 So, we all know that nowadays everyone's doing their best to save up and shit. Of course, a lot of us would think of ways to spend more practically. My mother is one of those people. I have no problem with that, mind you.

But when you scream at me to be more practical instead of spending thousands of pesos for a one-time event, you know, I won't really mind if you did it in a softer tone. I'm not deaf. Nor am I retarded. I can easily comprehend our native tongue and I do not need any additional hearing aids, which in your case you used the method of raising volume to increase chances of a better hearing for the person you are talking to.

My sight may not be at its best and I have astigmatism, but please remember that reduced clearness of eyesight does not reduce my hearing at all. And please, I can understand the 'understanding' tone in anyone's voice, not just the '***K YOU!! DON'T ***KIN' SPEND YOUR FATHER'S EARNINGS ON SOME STUPID DUMBASS CONCERT!!!" *not actual words ... okay, I really exaggerated on the speech but that's what it felt like.

EVERY SINGLE parent would think that you'd be going to a concert to fangirl and scream for hot performing guys. Did mine not think that maybe, just maybe, I want to save up so I can take my sisters to the concert? They badly wanted to go to Super Show 2 but we weren't allowed again due to a tight budget. I want to save religiously for months so I can finally take my sisters to Super Show 3 and see their (and my) favorite Korean boy band ...

Sure, we were allowed last minute, on the day of concert, but the cheapest tickets (general admission), were sold out so we couldn't go. Then my parents wouldn't vie for anything more expensive than general admission ... The tickets were just too expensive.

Then we heard about Super Show 3 and that it will be held in the Philippines on February 2011. Right then and there, I promised that we will go no matter what because we missed SS2 and saw that it was amazing. I planned diligently and I never thought of doing anything so seriously to the extent of really disciplining myself to spend more than what I get as an allowance.

I had it all planned out. I found out that if I kept 50% of my allowance I could save up enough just before tickets reservation and paying and it would give me enough time to, in turn help my sisters save up. But just as I was calculating again just a little while ago on how much I could give my sisters before ticket paying, my mom exploded about how money isn't just something you pick up on the streets and that it's an extreme waste to spend what I've saved for months for a concert we weren't given a chance to go to.

I feel bad, because I promised my sisters that we would go no matter what ...

Okay, so I know this is, like, really old and all but I just love love love this video. :)

Despite Heechul-ssi's extremely animated and obnoxiously loud talking (yes, Heechul-ssi, Hangeng can hear you and I'm sure the other members could hear him from wherever they are as well whether they be in the bathroom or 3 floors above), this is one of the most sincere interviews I have ever watched.

You can tell Heechul-ssi is a big joker from the way he mini-described Siwon-ssi. From the remarks to the scoff, everything. But, I totally fell in love with the way his tone and aura changed as he began to talk about Hangeng-ssi.

Honestly, I was shocked to hear soooo much praise coming from the great Kim Heechul. Though, he never did fail to imitate Hangeng yet again. :DDD

I love how talking about Hangeng brought out Heechul's personality (playful, joker, obnoxiously loud). Though they've been living together for 5 years (in this video), he's like being excited about a new friend he took a deep interest in. He is such a character as he blabbed on about Hangeng. Though they didn't have physical contact, they still had amazing chemistry in their interaction which I found amazing.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like the way he described Siwon wasn't interesting but it was just, the way he described Hangeng was incredible for me. The usually cool Heechul slipped on the armrest. O.O And this just showed how real Heechul can be and it only took one interview about Hangeng for Heechul to almost lose his cool, poised side. Sure, he has spat on a few interviews but regardless, he still maintained that poised stature but in this case, (well, for me, though) he practically let himself go and sounded like a complete DORK with his ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Oh come on, don't tell me that laugh didn't sound like that.

After all those years of being together, you'd expect (well, at least I would) that he'd be talking about some past experiences like telling a story or something but nooooo, not with Kim Heechul. He seems so excited to talk about Hangeng, really. :) I think it would take an amazing friendship for 2 people to grow closer everyday. Based on what I've seen, they've become so much closer.

Heechul-ssi's 3 months depression came as a shock to me. I didn't expect him to be that affected because come on, he's KIM HEECHUL. The guy with the 'I don't care' attitude, the guy who can get pissed on national television, the guy who NEVER cried for anyone (except maybe for that blind child) or at least admitted to crying, has announced to the world on his CYWorld that he has been shedding very hot tears.

For a few more facts, look them up or maybe I'll post them sometime, Idk. But there's just something about them that tells me, Heechul-ssi doesn't just see Hangeng as his buddy or a roommate or a Super Junior member ... ~♥

Heechul-ssi, fighting! :) Friendship never dies .. :)

Writer's Block: Water View

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild. Sony is giving away a Cyber-shot TX5 to the user who comes up with the most creative suggestions!

Some simple (and maybe one not so) simple things:

1.) The surface of the ocean from underwater. Maybe with someone swimming from above or some fishes.

2.) A bride underwater with her flowy veil, loose hair and bridal dress and complete with a bouquet. :)

3.) A couple sitting on a bench in the pouring rain.

4.) The sunset except the camera will be half-submereged in the sea. So the lower part of the image will show part of the underwater scene while the other half will show the surface of the ocean and the horizon.

5.) A girl wrapped in thin strips of white cloth from the shoulders, arms and down as she makes her way to the surface of the water, letting the cloth just flow ethereally below her.


LiveJournal seems cool. I had one back then but used it to, like, stalk around and shit. Maybe I ought to use one for my blogs now. I've never written a decent blog.

Tumblr isn't much of a bloggy place for me. It's more of a reblog-reblog-reblog-Oh!Hanchul!-like-scan-reblog-Oh!Eunhae!-like-scan-reblog. 

Yeaaahh, basically, that's all I do on Tumblr.

Plurk isn't the best place to blog about shit either. ALL your added friends see it and you get a limited amount of space as to what you could put that can be seen by your friends. Then if you blog reeaaaaaaaally long then everyone's gonna get pissed cause you're flooding/spamming your own plurk(*cough*F*cough*U*limitedspace*cough*).

If you're like me, and you only actually barely care about other people's shit random thoughts, plurk may not be for you especially if you have a loooooot of friends on plurk. For me, plurk's all, read new updates-mark all as read. I mute every single plurk that receive tons of comments too. Having 69 (lol,69) unread updates you don't care about can get annoying.

Then there's Facebook. I use Facebook to stalk keep updated on friends people. End of. And if Facebook was like Tumblr which counted the number of likes you've ... well, liked, I've liked a TON of shit, then and I'd own Facebook for liking a tad bit too much.

I don't like how random people add me on Facebook, though. It's like, 26 mutual friends .. but ... WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??? Yeah .. Ew.

Please ... Don't ask me about Friendster. It's damn near impossible for me to praise it. Creepy stalker guys will message you and trust me, I've had a few ew-WTF-worthy guys giving me messages and comments. Yeah, as if that'll ever get them laid. Get your ass off the internet and look for REAL girls you could actually go out with.

Then Twitter, I don't have a Twitter account but I'm considering getting one so I can stalk my fave celebrities. I just don't like that Twitter makes my eyes bulge out. It's so chaotic. It's like Plurk on crack. So Twitter's just a celeb stalking updates place, for me.

LiveJournal is more about the blogs, for real. I'm starting to appreciate LJ now 'cause I've been dying to write random shit lately. Maybe not many people will get to read my blogs but at least it's somewhere I can put random stuff in.

Okay, running out of ideas. I srsly can't wait to get my own laptop notebook. I'll be writing blogs like crazy and hellooooooo YouTube 'til midnight. x)))

Maybe I'll post some thoughts about Hanchul here sometime. I'm so in love with that pairing right now. I miss them. :(

I don't like the word stalk, eh?